Official Oddworld Q&A 3 [2019]

Date: 22/01/2019

Source: Official Oddworld Discord (subchannel:"soulstorm")

Alex Carroll: This is water.

Q: So can you tell us anything more about this? I saw it in the EGX talk that it’s something important because it has its own place next to the item selector.

Alex Carroll: It’s on the item selector wheel, not totally sure what you mean by “own place”.

Q: item_select

See, I meant the top left corner.

Alex Carroll: Right. This has all changed, but that’s where you armed your Mudokons. Mudokons can carry the same items abe can. But like I said, this has all changed.

Q: Aha, that’s new info.

Alex Carroll: Ah, sorry, thought Lorne had already mentioned that. So yeah, basically, a subset of the items in the wheel can be passed to the Mudokons. That’s what their aggressive boxes relate to, too. If they’re aggressive, maybe they’ll assist Abe in his fights… but – again – this has all changed. And no, we’re not posting any new UI pics. Also, that’s not how you craft a flamethrower anymore.

Q: Okay, one more. Please. What is that ball like weird thing? The one that looks like a jawbreaker. It has been bothering me since I first saw it.

Alex Carroll: It’s literally a jawbreaker. What it does is probably a surprise. The interesting thing about all these items is their craftable qualities. We’ve got some pretty cool combos going on.

Q: How much of a deal is crafting going to be? I personally dislike crafting because it almost always invites grind.

Alex Carroll: I wouldn’t worry about that. We’ve made it fun, we think.

Q: I watched one of the EGX videos with one of the lead game designers (forgot his name) and he said that after they rolled out a bunch of the patches for controls and post processing, they also removed the adverts. It might only be for PC version though.

Alex Carroll: We removed the cross-game promotions (which were only ever in secret areas…) from all versions apart from the PS4, if I remember correctly.

Q: Nice gesture that came back and bite them.

Alex Carroll: Yup. Tried to be nice with some mutual friends to help push some indie games a little, and – wow.

Q: Well it was kind of absurd for a game largely about anti-consumerism, with fake-ads that mock the messaging of ads to have actual ads in it.

Alex Carroll: Glad you think so. In some of our eyes, it’s almost impossible to promote an indie title and get it out there, especially now. This was just a little nod to our friends to help them on their way if we can.