Official UK PlayStation Magazine: Monster Munch [1999]

Date: December 1999

Source: Official UK PlayStation Magazine, Issue 52, p. 25




Oddworld site2
Obviously Munch’s Oddysee is still in the early stages of development and so information is pretty scarce. If you have access to the internet, however, you can keep up to date at

The prospect of PlayStation2 being inundated with sequels to existing games within a few months of launch might initially seem a disappointing one. Until that is, you actually take a closer look at the amazing things many of the developers have planned.

Oddworld Inhabitants, the creators of Abe’s Oddysee, are just one of the companies whose plans for their sequel look set to revolutionise the very nature of videogames forever. Munch’s Oddysee will be the next title to be released in the planned Oddworld-quintology and Lorne Lanning, founder of Oddworld Inhabitants, described it as, “the most ambitious game project ever put into motion by any company” when he spoke to Master Gamer ( recently. He’s not exaggerating — Munch’s Oddysee has been in development since 1997 and will feature a wealth of characters vastly more intelligent and complex than those found in the previous Oddworld games. Non-playable inhabitants will have their entire life cycles simulated, beginning from the moment they are born into the game. As they grow and interact with one another they’ll develop their own emotional responses with trust, friendship, paranoia and even nervous breakdowns putting in an appearance.

Obviously communicating with these creatures will require a vocabulary slightly more sophisticated than the phrases and farts of the Abe games. How this will be achieved on what is essentially the same joypad is anybody’s guess, but Lorne claims that, “Gamespeak will become much more highly evolved and smarter, but also much simpler to understand and use.”

Munch’s Oddysee will also be the first Oddworld game to play in real-time 3D. This was the plan for the entire quintology, but it’s only with the arrival of PS2 that it has become possible. Expect Soul Storm Brew-fuelled celebrations aplenty when Lanning leaks more of his mind about his dynamic duo.