Official UK PlayStation Magazine: The Munch Bunch [2000]

Date: May 2000

Source: Official UK PlayStation Magazine, Issue 58, p. 70




Lorne Lanning, president of Oddworld, has revealed new details on the forthcoming Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, the first in the maverick developer’s now-expanded Oddworld Quintology planned for PS2. Not only can we look forward to Munch’s Oddysee arriving some time in 2001, but also Hand of Odd (a strategy-based Oddworld game) and the freshly-announced Oddworld: Squeek’s Oddysee. Before that though, Lanning has been talking Munch.

“I can tell you that Munch is a Gabbit and that Gabbits are amphibious creatures,” revealed Lanning. “He only has one leg, so when he’s on land, he hops. Put him in the water, and he swims like a fish. He has a tongue like a frog and has jaws like a gator. He has an interface port implanted into his head, compliments of two surgery-happy Vykkers scientists. He uses this skull port to jack into technology and remotely control robotic devices.

Just as Abe possesses living creatures, Munch possesses mechanical devices to rescue animals from traps, setting them free, then leading them to places where he can nurture them into bigger and better things that he can then use to his advantage.”

Just as Abe’s new partner is shaping up, so is the game itself. Those Mudokens may look cute, but their lives aren’t…

“Munch is a character that has to have a large brain to survive. He’s not going to be able to solve his problems with his brawn; he’s going to need his mobility and his wits.”

With preview videos showing possibly the PS2’s best-looking game currently in development, we’ll bring you more on this potentially groundbreaking game next issue. In the meantime, Lanning has been looking further into the future with the third in Lanning’s PS2 Oddworld Quintology, Oddworld: Squeek’s Oddysee. Although Lanning isn’t sure whether the PS2 is advanced enough to run it…

“It’s possible that the PlayStation2 may not be able to run Squeek,” confirmed Lanning. “The Oddworld Quintology was designed to progress through larger and larger populations of characters. If we need to wait for new hardware to release the next part of the Quintology, well that will be fine. Oddworld is ten times the size of earth, and so far we’ve only been to one small country.”

Abe’s new mate Munch is heading towards a PlayStation2 near you…