Official Xbox Magazine: Oddworld Obituary [2005]

Date: June 2005

Source: Official Xbox Magazine, Issue 43, p. 20

Oddworld Obituary

Oddworld creator shuts up shop.
Gaming world mourns…

JUST AS we were getting giddy at the prospect of Oddworld Fangus, and just as we unearthed some art of the new Oddworld hero himself, we heard the terrible news that Oddworld Inhabitants is shifting away from game design to concentrate on movies and TV animation. Citing the shift away from consoles on the games industry’s reluctance to support innovative games, Oddworld co-founder Lorne Lanning blamed the video game industry on being infected with ‘sequelitis’. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Lanning said, “What we see is an industry which is rapidly discouraging innovation because people don’t want to take chances on more innovative types of titles”. Oddworld Inhabitants, founded in 1994 and creator of some of gaming’s most memorable characters, hasn’t ruled out a return to videogames, but they’re giving no indication when we’ll ever see the likes of Stranger again either. Tis a sad day indeed.

Fangus: possibly never to be on Xbox.