On a desert island with….Gaming Gurus

On a desert island with....Gaming Gurus [Published in Animation World Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 9]
Date: December 1997
Interviewer: Wendy Jackson
Interviewee: Lorne Lanning

This month, we asked the creators of our favorite animated games to imagine what ten films they would want with them on a desert island. Coincidentally, three films were selected by more than one person: Mad Monster Party by Rankin/Bass, Akira by Katsuhiro Otamo, and Fritz the Cat by Ralph Bakshi. Theresa Duncan is the creator of animated CD-ROM games for kids, including Zero Zero , Smarty Pants and Chop Suey. Lorne Lanning is the creator of Oddworld Quintology , a new series of animated 3-D role playing games.Doug TenNapel is founder of The Neverhood and creator of Skullmonkeys, a game for Sony PlayStation, coming in 1998.

Lorne Lanning’s Picks:
“To truthfully answer these questions I must first consider our most basic human needs. The good news is that many of these needs can be substituted with a theatrical experience. I know this to be true because they taught me about it in art school. So, (drum roll please) here are the ten animated movies that I would want with me if I were Gilligan.”

1. Xmas in South Park by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. To give me hope… and get through my darkest moments.

2. Fantasia (Disney). I know everyone loves this film, and I know that it is one of the greatest animated movies of all time. But I would bring it along to help me get some sleep.

3. Dumbo (Disney). For when I thought about how lonely I was, at least there would be someone I could make fun of.

4. Ghost in the Shell by Mamoru Oshii. So that when I got really mad thinking about why my family left me on this island… I could watch someone else being hurt.

5. They’re Back! (Amblimation) I’ve always loved the animation, but the story has been proven to have adverse affects on dysfunctional people. So this film would be for when I desperately needed a laxative.

6. The Secret of Nimh by Don Bluth. I always had a soft spot for rats as they continually gave me comfort through the low points in my childhood. (Please don’t laugh. It’s true.)

7. Ninja Scroll by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Because I would need at least one exercise video and my supernatural shadow crawl still needs a little work.

8. All Dogs go to Heaven (MGM). Because sometimes I would feel like biting someone too.

9. Fritz the Cat by Ralph Bakshi. To remind me that things could have been worse.

10. Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo. Because I would finally have the time to figure out the story.