Part 1 [01/05/2001]

ih1 ·Odd Squad
Admin. Part One – Ingrid, Marketing Assistant

A Day in the Life of Ingrid

Ever since I became an Inhabitant I wanted to be part of Oddworld’s Marketing Department, and luckily I was able to finesse my way into performing many marketing-related duties even while I was the Receptionist and later when I was an Administrative Assistant. But now, after two years at Oddworld, I’m actually in the cool role that I dreamt of when I first interviewed here.

As a Marketing Assistant my daily duties fall under three main categories: press, website & fans, and administrative. For press I read through every game industry magazine that we get at Oddworld (and we get a lot!!). Yes, I look at every page in hopes of finding a mention of our company or games. This also entails making dozens of copies of the press, keeping a press library, updating the quote library, sending out letters to the press, creating press reports for our executives, searching for online press, and much more.

The website & fans category includes handling the e-mail Oddworld gets on our DearAlf and FanMail e-mail accounts. Because Alf never did learn to type and since he really doesn’t like technology, he dictates answers to his fans . . . he does the talking and I do the typing! We’ve got a good relationship going, as long as he doesn’t blabber incoherently on one of his tangents. His current favorite topics are Star Trek (not interesting since I’m a Star Wars fan), the benefits of loose tea over bagged tea, and solar power. Next week I’m sure he’ll be into a new list of passions. . . In short, Alf has his moments, and when he does, I just nod my head and surf the web! I also work closely with two fine Inhabitants – fan legal and creative services – to help coordinate various aspects of our website. Now throw in a big dose of proofreading and checking out our fan sites and that rounds out Category Two of my job.

Administrative work includes ordering Oddworld merchandise (i.e. working with outside vendors, meeting deadlines, placing orders, and tracking supply needs). I also pitch in with kitchen and catering duties when things get nuts around here during deadline crunches (once you know how to make coffee you just never forget, and if you can make good coffee at Oddworld, some people revere you like royalty – and that’s nice!)

Although I miss the higher level of daily interaction that I had with my fellow Inhabitants in my two previous roles, I really like the challenge of Marketing. Although the core duties remain fairly constant from day to day, there is always an exception to something or a fire to be put out or a technical issue to be resolved. I especially love the interaction with the fans as well as the thrill in finding unexpected press. Ah to be surrounded by stacks of magazines, drowning in a sea of fan email and jamming out to tunes on my headset . . . it doesn’t get better than that.

Plus, I now hold the keys to the sacred cabinets of Oddworld merchandise. . . and I’m not giving away anything! – The End