PlayStation Plus: Oddworld [1997]

Date: January, 1997

Source: PlayStation Plus, Issue 16, p. 66


Oddworld is a mould-breaking interactive videogame that is the brainchild of two special effects and computer animation gurus, namely Sherry McKenna and Lorne Lanning. The duo idea for a game was to make a unique combination of gaming and storytelling, to mix the unparralled interaction of an action game with the depth and compulsiveness of a role-playing game.
The result is Oddworld, a science fiction adventure that follows the plight of game hero Abe. Abe was once a slave labourer who used to work in a grim meat processing plant called the RuptureFarm, crushing endless boxes of battered juicy pukes. But he could only take so much, and fled from what he hated – evil employees Molock the Glukkon and the Sligs. Running for his life, Abe was taken in by a weirdo shamen, a doddering old fart who claims that Abe is the prophesised savoir, but savoir of what? Apparently he’s the bloke who can bring the RuptureFarms to their knees by embarking on The Hope, a spiritual quest across ancient proving grounds. During his adventure Abe will befriend an untamed riding beast, will be confronted by the vicious Scrabs and must dodge traps and solve countless hidden inside the three temples of The Hope before using his new-found skills to go on and crush the RuptureFarms. Confused? You will be, when this oddball game is release late next year.

ETA: May