Prima Official Game Guide — Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

Date: February, 2005

Source: Littlefield, Michael. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath: Prima's Official Game Guide (pp. 4-27). Random House, Inc.



Oddworld is no place for the weak and the mild. It is a lawless land where criminals and outlaws seem to run the show. It’s a place where the powerful exploit both the land and the weak for their own personal wealth while everyone else must suffer.

Home of the Grubb natives, the area is now controlled by Sekto and his Wolvark crew. They took the Grubbs’ water, and the fish they used to eat, by damming up the river. Furthermore, without their powerful Steef guardian to protect them and their land, the Grubbs are defenseless. They do what they can to get by, but if something doesn’t happen soon, there is little hope for survival.

The Clakkerz also live in this land, but they have it easier than the Grubbs. They have found a way to set up towns in the barren lands. They survive and almost do well, but they too are not really in control of the land. They pay a price for their survival, but there is a sense of normalcy to their lives.

The outlaws and the Wolvarks are the grunts who control the less-fortunate creatures. Through pain and intimidation, they get what they want. They have all the necessary firepower to keep those Grubbs and Clakkerz under their control. There is nobody from the area who can stop them.

Who is the head honcho who has this land and its people under his thumb? Sekto came into the area, dammed up the water, wiped out the Steefs guarding the lands, and has the outlaws and criminals on his payroll. He controls what happens in these parts, including who lives and who dies.

Everything was going according to his evil plans until the creature with no name showed up. This bounty hunter is looking to make some moolah off the bounties in the different towns. The mysterious figure, who the locals call Stranger, might just put a damper on Sekto’s plans. Stranger is a tough fighter with a wide assortment of powerful ammunition to take down anyone who crosses his path. With him comes a secret that will change not only his life and Sekto’s, but that of everyone living in the lands of Oddworld.




The majority of Oddworld is made up of those folks just trying to live their lives in peace. But there are always those who want to disrupt that peace. Try to keep in the company of those good citizens while you try to stop the bad guys.


Nobody knows your name, nobody knows where you came from, and nobody knows exactly what you are. To tell the truth, nobody really cares. What they do know is that you are a bounty hunter who rolls into town to catch some bad guys and collect your moolah.

The townsfolk just call you Stranger, and that’s OK with you. They see you just as a bounty hunter, and that’s all you really see yourself as too. Still, there is something different about you and your true destiny is yet to be revealed.


The chicken-like Clakkerz run the towns around Oddworld where you can pick up bounties at the bounty stores and supplies at the general stores. These Clakkerz are defenseless and rely on the help of bounty hunters such as yourself to protect them.

The Clakkerz might fear the outlaws in the area, but they also don’t really care for an outsider like you. Try to talk to them and most of the time you get some kind of smart remark. Since the Clakkerz are such chickens, it is easy to shake them down for a little extra moolah. Hey, what you do is hard work, so you’ve earned it!

Native Grubbs

All the Grubb natives wanted to do was live in peace in their homeland. Sekto changed all that when he dammed up the river and took away their water. The Grubbs used to have a protector in their Steef, but he has long since disappeared, leaving the Grubbs to suffer at the hands of the Wolvarks working for Sekto. However, the Grubbs aren’t as weak as you might think. All they need is someone to lead them to victory and help them get back the lives they once lived.



Without the bad guys running around causing problems, there would be no need for a skilled bounty hunter like yourself. For every town full of innocent citizens, there are those who try to take advantage of them. With your skills you can protect those townsfolk—for a price.


The dusty lands of Oddworld are overrun with outlaws trying to take the inhabitants for everything they have. The outlaws have worked too hard to give it all up and let you get in their way. Expect heavy resistance whenever you come across these thugs. You need to put them down, bag them up, and bring them to justice.

Outlaw Shooter

The Shooter is one of the most common outlaw types you find out in the wastelands of Oddworld. Short on brains and quick on the trigger, these are dangerous enemies. Lucky for you they aren’t that accurate with their shots.

Outlaw Nailer

The Nailer is a brute who is more than willing to give you a beatdown. The good news is that Nailers have to get in close to harm you. The bad news is that they are extremely tough. It takes some of your most powerful ammo to put them down.

Outlaw Flamethrower

This outlaw is always ready for a BBQ, and he brings the flames with him. The flames he shoots are extremely powerful but they don’t have a very long range. Keep your distance and blast him from far away. He is a tough thug, so it takes a lot to beat him.

Outlaw Semi Auto

This outlaw runs rampant throughout Mongo Valley and sports a bigger weapon. He can also take far more damage than other outlaws. He wears a distinctive blue vest and goggles.

Outlaw Cutter

The Cutter has some sharp blades on his knuckles. He sneaks in silently and tries to carve you up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Make sure you put him down before he gets close enough to slice you up.

Outlaw Mortar

These fellows carry their heavy firepower on their backs. As soon as they catch sight of you, they prepare to fire the ammunition. They are tough customers, so your heavy firepower is required to prevent them from launching. If they do get their missile off, you need to keep moving to keep the missile from coming down on your head.

Outlaw Bomber

The Bombers are the craziest outlaws of them all, with total disregard for their own safety. They have explosives strapped to themselves and charge at you as soon as they see you. Shoot these guys on sight before they get too close and watch them explode into tiny, bloody bits. if they are able to make it to you, they explode, and you take massive damage.

Outlaw Sniper

Snipers are the sneakiest outlaws of the bunch. These guys like to take cheap shots at you while trying to stay out of harm’s way. Because they like to stay in out-of-the-way places, you have to keep an eye on your radar to get an idea of where they might be hiding. Once you get a fix on their location, you can drop them with some well-placed shots.

Outlaw Boss Bounties

If you want big-time moolah, you have to pick up big bounties at the bounty store. The big bounties are reserved for the head honchos who run the show and control the outlaws around the area. Once you have your assignment, you can go out and collect. Each outlaw boss has his or her own territory that you have to fight through in order to get to the boss. Collecting these bounties is dangerous but well worth the effort. Just make sure you’re well-armed.


Wolvarks are the true working-class creatures of Oddworld. They are always willing to put in a half day’s work performing the menial jobs for larger businesses like Sekto’s Dam. Unfortunately, they are also more than willing to kill you and collect the reward you have on your head. There are many different kinds of Wolvarks you need to be aware of.

Wolvark Shooter

Wolvark Shooters are everywhere along Sekto’s Dam and all of them want a piece of you. Quick on the draw and mean as heck, the Shooters waste no time in getting their buddies to join in the hunt for you. Use your own ammo to take them out before they do you any real damage.

Wolvark Grenadier

The Grenadier is one of the craftiest Wolvarks around. Grenadiers carry large shields to protect themselves from your attacks. They only put down their protection long enough to throw explosives at you. Be sure to strike as soon as the shield goes down and before they make their toss. Keep your distance from any grenades that they do happen to throw.

Wolvark Slog Handler

The Slog Handler seems to have a way with the Slogs. He carries a large pack on his back that holds a lot of those vicious little buggers. After he sees you, he starts to release the Slogs one at a time. Blast him with your crossbow to put him down before he gets a Slog off.

Wolvark Sniper

Snipers have a tremendous range on their weapons and can hit you from any distance. It cand be hard to see them, so you have to use your radar to get an idea of where they are. Also, look for their shots and follow them back to the source to locate the enemy. Snipers can be so far away that you most likely have to use your Sniper Wasps to take them out.

Sekto’s Security Wolvarks

An upgrade to normal Wolvarks, these guys are ready for battle. They wear protective gear and you can see their special goggles on their eyes. The good news is that if you blast these fools like normal Wolvarks, they fall just the same.

Shock Tank

As if those Wolvarks weren’t bad enough, they had to create the Shock Tank for added firepower. These tanks are powerful up close, so try to keep them at a distance. Blast them with Riot Slugs and Boombat Seekers to break them apart. Once they break, you have to deal with the Wolvark driver inside.


The true evil mastermind of Oddworld, Sekto has built a dam to steal the water away from all the folks in the area. He is even worse than the most ruthless of all the outlaws. Whatever the cost, whatever the price, you have to put a stop to Sekto and his evil empire. Make your way across Oddworld and through his large dam to find him in his office.


The Gloktigi are Sekto’s pets—he uses them to do his bidding. You find these large creatures guarding his dam. If you aren’t quick enough and able to find cover, you’ll find yourself immobilized in the sticky, green goo that they fire at you. While you’re helpless, they move in and whack you with their pointy legs.



Vykkers Doctor

The good doctor is the only one around that you know of who can perform the surgery that you need. Unfortunately, he knows he’s the only one who can do the surgery, so his prices are outrageous. If you want the surgery, you have to find some way to get the moolah he wants.


Scuz is a lowly fellow living in the sewers who was once an associate of Packrat Palooka. Now that their relationship has soured, he is willing to give you the password to get into Palooka’s junkyard. The only thing he wants is for you to take out Palooka.


The Slegs are wild beasts that roam different parts of the land. They are vicious, little creatures with mouths full of sharp teeth. As soon as one spots you, it rushes in for the attack. They aren’t too strong, though, and a Zappfly shot easily puts them down. If one does sink its teeth into you, you’ll take a big hit on your health.


Steefs were large, powerful beasts that once roamed the lands of Oddworld, but no one has seen one in a while. The Grubb natives counted on them for protection, and as soon as they disappeared, the Grubbs became the prey of the Wolvarks. Sekto had a part in their disappearance and has a large collection of their heads and horns on the walls of his office. he still has a large bounty out for a fresh Steef head. Too bad there aren’t any Steefs left—or are there?



Stranger hates firearms and only uses a special crossbow when going after the bad guys. The crossbow is unique because it only uses live ammo-living, breathing, cuddly ammo. This ammo is all natural and you can find an endless supply out in the wild. You might feel bad shooting the wide-eyed creatures from your crossbow, but it’s for a greater good—to get you more moolah and save your hide.


Fire Bolamites at enemies to temporarily wrap them in a sticky web so that they can’t move or attack. Your enemies are only temporarily incapacitated, so you have to either collect them or kill them quickly before they break their bonds. This ammo is great for collecting live bounties. Look for cobwebs to hunt for Bolamites for your collection.


When you want to put the hurt on and cause heavy damage, this is the ammo for you. Fire these critters at your enemies to cause big explosions that damage everyone close by. You can find Boombats flying around brown nests along the cliff walls high above the ground.


Once fired, a Chippunk taunts any victim that is close enough to hear it. Chippunks are a great tool for luring enemies to where you want them. Use them to entice an enemy away from others so you can capture him without being detected. Hunt for these chatty, little creatures near small, green bushes.


Fuzzles are great for causing chaos and panic. Fire these little balls of fur into a pack of bad guys and watch the Fuzzles attack. They cause moderate damage to anyone unlucky enough to get too close. You can also fire Fuzzles at the ground to lay traps for anyone walking close by. You can hunt for these balls of fluff near brown nests on the ground.


A Stunkz creates a foul, green cloud of putrid gas when it hits the ground. Fire a Stunkz into a group of enemies and this stinky gas cloud temporarily incapacitates everyone in the stench. You must quickly take out the bad guys before the gas cloud dissipates. You can hunt for these little creatures in the wild.

Sniper Wasps

Bring up your scope and you see a small, black reticule in the center of the screen, plus the number of wasps you have in the bottom right. Put the reticule on your target in the distance to get an instant kill. Because the Sniper Wasp is silent, other enemies nearby aren’t alerted to your presence unless they see their buddy killed.


Stingbees are fired in rapid succession, causing moderate damage to their target. These bees even have a homing effect to zero in on their victim. Use Stingbees to finish off enemies who might be knocked out on the ground. Look for the nests hanging around and you find the Stingbees swarming. Just shoot them down and add them to your ammo.


The Thudslug is a solid creature that causes heavy damage when it hits its victim. The blast sends an enemy flying backwards. When the target lands, he’s knocked out and hurting in a bad way. You can find these creatures flying in the air for you to shoot down and collect.


Zappfly ammo is unlimited, so once you receive it at the main gate, you’re set. Once on your crossbow, the Zappfly is ready to be fired. Hitting your enemies with a fully powered Zappfly knocks them out and causes light damage. A fully charged Zappfly blast also breaks boxes, detonates explosive barrels, an activates machines that have blue surge targets.


Ammo Upgrades

Halfway through the game you get new and improved ammo. This new ammo might look similar to the stuff you had before, but it packs more of a punch, which you need to survive later in the game. You can find these critters the same way you found the originals.

Bola Blast

The Bola Blast is an upgrade to the Bolamites. Shoot this ammo to incapacitate a group of enemies. The blast knocks a group of enemies backwards and wraps them in webbing so they can’t move or attack. The bad guys eventually break out of their bonds, so you have to collect them to your Bounty Can or kill them quickly.

Boombat Seekers

This ammo is an upgrade to the Boombat. A single shot fires multiple seekers that speed toward their target. Boombat Seekers inflict heavy damage on anything they hit, causing a huge explosion. Use them on your toughest enemies or on large turret guns.

Howler Punk

The Howler Punk is an upgrade to the Chippunk and lures multiples enemies to it instead of just one. Fire the Howler Punk into the areas you want to lure your enemies, then you can wrap them all up with a Bola Blast.

Rabid Fuzzle

The Rabid Fuzzle is even more vicious than the original. Multiple Fuzzles get fired with a single blast. These powerful Fuzzles do heavy damage and cause enemies to run around in a panic. Just like the original, you can fire them at the ground to lay traps.

Riot Slug

Riot Slugs pack one of the biggest punches in the game and cause heavy damage to anything they hit. Firing at a group of enemies knocks them backwards. At close range, Riot Slugs can kill most creatures in one shot.

Spark Stunkz

The Spark Stunkz create a stinky vacuum that sucks multiple enemies toward it. Use this ammo to bring enemies close together, then you can collect or hurtle them to their doom.

Super Stingbees

Super Stingbees are an upgrade to the Stingbees and are fired in rapid succession, causing a medium amount of damage to your enemies. The rapid stream of homing bees flies in to damage and delay anyone in its path—great for finishing off your targets.



Buying items in the game isn’t necessary to your survival, but it sure helps. Whether the items give you more ammo or increase the power of your attacks, always buy any and all items available at the general store.

Ammo Additions

Bolamite, Chippunk, Fuzzle, Thudslug, and Stunkz Attractor: These Attractors draw their specific critters to your location, making them easier to collect.

Fuzzle Loader: Speeds up Fuzzle reloads for your crossbow.

Thudslug Loader: Speeds up Thudslug reloads for your crossbow.

Chippunk Clip Extender: Lets you hold more Chippunks.

Stunkz Clip Extender: Lets you hold more Stunkz.

Stingbees Clip Extender: Lets you hold more Stingbees.

Boombat Clip Extender: Lets you hold more Boombats.

Bolamite Clip Extender: Lets you hold more Bolamites.

Ammo Bags

The different sizes of Ammo Bags allow you to hold more ammo. The more ammo you can carry, the more shots you can take at your enemy’s head.


Use these to zoom in on unsuspecting prey and to listen in on enemies.

Brass/Steel Knuckles

Slide the Brass Knuckles onto your fist to add some extra power to your punches. The Steel Knuckles are an upgrade to the Brass Knuckles and cause your fist attacks to do even more damage.

Breeder Bag

You get the Breeder Bag after you meet the Grubb natives. Every time you collect a Wolvark into your bounty can, the Breeder Bag turns it into ammo for you.


Moolah is what makes the world go round in Oddworld. You can find moolah by breaking barrels and crates, killing outlaws, and even by putting the squeeze on the Clakkerz. It doesn’t matter how you get it, but you need moolh to buy items at the general store.

Stamina Boosters

There are three different Stamina Boosters in the game, ranging from small to large. The small booster increases your stamina a little bit and the largest increases it by a lot. Collect all three to increase your overall stamina to its max.

Stamina Regeneration Boost

There are two kinds of Stamina Regeneration Boosters in the game. The lesser of the two boosts lets you get your stamina back faster than normal. The second boost is a lot more powerful and gets your stamina back in no time.