Projekt: “Soulstorm”

Projekt: “Soulstorm” was the title of the business plan that the Magog Cartel submitted to investors in order to attain financing for the production of Soulstorm Brew. This highly addictive beverage was elaborately designed specifically for the Mudokon Labor Force in all Magog facilities, with the ultimate goal of achieving lifetime employment retention.

Details concerning Projekt: “Soulstorm” were revealed via an Alternate Reality Game for the upcoming Oddworld entry Soulstorm. The story of the ARG involved a group rebellious Mudokons—identifying themselves as The Spirit of 1029 after being inspired by Abe’s actions at RuptureFarms 1029—leaking classified information regarding Projekt: “Soulstorm” to another group of truth seekers.

Archived below is all of the content uncovered from the ARG:

A Message from The Spirit of 1029

Soulstorm Brew Produktion Document

Magog Cartel Propaganda Fliers

The Informant

Classified Projekt Photographs

Projekt: “Soulstorm” Video Footage