Official Oddworld Q&A 4

Date: 26/01/2019

Source: Official Oddworld Discord (subchannel:"soulstorm")

Q: I know Lorne said that it’s possible for us to do a 100% no death playthrough, does that mean when we possess enemies, they won’t turn into giblets when we un-possess them now? Maybe there will be two buttons. Or maybe not even 2 buttons, you could just tap to release without killing, and hold to release while turning him into a pile of gloop.

Alex Carroll: [That’s] right. it’s tap to release, hold for gibs.

Q: I remember some time ago you said that I messed up with something related to water. 

The above text is speculation from a fan.


Alex Carroll: Yeah, the use of water you have is incorrect. I don’t want to tread into “this is something to reveal during the marketing window” so I’ll just say this: don’t overthink what the water bottles are for.

Q: I wonder if Mudokon Management was inspired by Hand Of Odd somewhat.

Alex Carroll: I can say it’s definitely not inspired by HoO. It’s not really ‘management’ in the sense that that sounds a little boring. It’s fun.

Q: Are the Mudokons actually on screen physically with Abe or are they just little symbols?

Alex Carroll: They’re physical. That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see them all at once of course.

Q: I kind of imagined it like you have one portion of gameplay of controlling Abe in platforming gameplay or whatever and then you open up that menu and tell Mudokons to do stuff.

Alex Carroll: It’s Gamespeak controlled, don’t worry about menus and all that.

Q: How much of a deal is crafting going to be? I personally dislike crafting because it almost always invites grind.

Alex Carroll: I wouldn’t worry about that. We’ve made it fun, we think.

Q: Alex can you say anything about what’s changed for Gamespeak?

Alex Carroll: Only what we’ve said before, which is that it feels a lot smarter and intuitive now, albeit with fewer inputs. The mudokons are much improved.

You have to realise Lorne’s not in the habit of wanting overly complicated inputs and mechanics. Things just feel better in Soulstorm.

Q: Yeah, so what about controls? Is there a sort of a wheel now?

Alex Carroll: There’s a wheel for the inventory, an early version of which was in the old EGX video, right?

Q: I’m wondering about Gamespeak specifically.

Alex Carroll: Oh, I see. no wheel for Gamespeak. Just d-pad inputs.