GT Interactive Begins Countdown to ‘Odd Friday,’ September 19

RUPTUREFARMS, ODDWORLD, August 19, 1997 – In a prepared statement, Molluck the Glukkon, chief executive officer of RuptureFarms, denied all allegations surrounding his company’s operations and has asked GT Interactive Software Corp. (NASDAQ: GTIS) to remove the web site at, saying it is prejudicial to RuptureFarms and besides, the photo doesn’t show his “good side.”

“This is obviously an attack by a disgruntled employee and I take umbrage at the allegations levied at RuptureFarms and myself. It also gives me a bad case of gas and that can be dangerous with the cigars I smoke, ” said Molluck. “It shocks and saddens us that Abe, our ‘Employee of the Year,’ has perpetrated these rumors. Everyone knows that RuptureFarms has a competitive retirement package and not one single employee that we have retired has ever, ever complained.”

Molluck confirmed that RuptureFarms is launching a new line of meat products on September 19, “Odd Friday.” He said sales of Scrab Cakes and Paramite Pies continue to remain strong because they taste good and nobody cares about two of Oddworld’s ugliest-looking creatures.

GT Interactive’s new Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee for Sony PlayStation and Windows 95 will debut nationwide on “Odd Friday,” September 19. An all-new game play experience for Sony PlayStation and Windows 95, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee ushers in the new A.L.I.V.E. (Aware Life forms In Virtual Environments) genre of gaming which features GameSpeak, real-time conversation between characters. The title recently garnered “GamePen’s Best of E3 Show Award” for PlayStation by a consortium of industry media.