GT Interactive Continues Countdown to ‘Odd Friday,’ September 19

RUPTUREFARMS, ODDWORLD, September 2, 1997 – A visibly agitated Molluck the Glukkon, CEO of RuptureFarms, said that he will no longer tolerate that “scrawny ingrate Abe” spreading absolute un-truths about his company and pledged an open-and-shut investigation if the on-the-lam worker returned to RuptureFarms to discuss matters.

“These are some serious, serious charges being leveled here against me and my company and I won’t stand still for it. Someone get me a chair,” said Molluck. “My duty is to the shareholders of this company and I will not have that compromised by a half-witted imbecile whose annoying habit of humming is driving everyone — including my Sligs — absolutely nuts.”

Afterwards, Molluck was seen conferring in private with the head of his gun-toting Slig management team. Later, the clearly excited Slig was seen gathering his comrades and leaving the compound loaded for bear in the direction of The Ancient Temples for what is ostensibly being called “an off-site corporate meeting.”

Molluck has previously stated that he will begin production on a new meat product on “Odd Friday,” September 19, and that “no Meech-hugging recidivist” is likely to stop him.

GT Interactive’s new Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee for Sony PlayStation and Windows 95 will debut nationwide on “Odd Friday,” September 19. An all-new game play experience for Sony PlayStation and Windows 95, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee ushers in the new A.L.I.V.E. (Aware Life forms In Virtual Environments) genre of gaming which features GameSpeak, real-time conversation between characters. The title recently garnered “GamePen’s Best of E3 Show Award” for PlayStation by a consortium of industry media.