MOM Interview: William Anderson

William Anderson worked at Oddworld Inhabitants — during the developement of Abe's Oddysee — as Manager of Interactive Design. He was kind enough to answer our questions. Magog on the March: You have said that Sherry McKenna always treated you like a family member while you worked at Oddworld Inhabitants. How so? William Anderson: I've… Continue reading MOM Interview: William Anderson


A Personal Take on Soulstorm’s Alternate Reality Game

The Magog on the March! News to cure your ARG blues! Today our special guest, Sliglet, s'got a few words to say about this Alternate—whats-a-yer-call-it—Reality Game? The one being churned out by those chumps at Oddworld Inhabitants. Y'all know the one I mean. Remember, neither Magog on the March or Rumor Kontrol endorse or really… Continue reading A Personal Take on Soulstorm’s Alternate Reality Game