Oddworld: Story Stones

“Gloktigi” | Oddworld: Story Stones

Today we take a look at a mysterious species, whose origins are deeply rooted in the occult practices of the Industrialists. While one might believe that these creatures are mindless tools of murder, perhaps there is more to them, than it meets the eye. Transcript: While the average inhabitant might believe that the Industrialists have… Continue reading “Gloktigi” | Oddworld: Story Stones

Oddworld: Story Stones

“Molluck” | Oddworld: Story Stones

After an extended hiatus, Oddworld: Story Stones is back with our third installment. Today we’ve chosen to take a look at the meanest boss in the world, Molluck the Glukkon! Molluck is the main antagonist of Abe’s Oddysee, the genius mastermind who came up with a plan to save RuptureFarms from bankruptcy. He’s also the… Continue reading “Molluck” | Oddworld: Story Stones


MOM Interview: Michael Bross

Michael Bross, a veteran composer in the video game industry, is best known amongst Oddworld fans for being the musical mastermind behind Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath. More recently, he did the soundtrack for New 'n' Tasty and was involved at the beginning of Soulstorm's development. We want to thank him for taking time out… Continue reading MOM Interview: Michael Bross

Oddworld: Story Stones

“The Big Face” | Oddworld: Story Stones

For the second instalment of Oddworld: Story Stones, we've opted to do something a little bit less lore-intensive than our debut episode. While there are almost countless subjects we can tackle, we want to show a little love for some of the more familiar inhabitants of Oddworld too. The Big Face is an enigmatic character… Continue reading “The Big Face” | Oddworld: Story Stones

Oddworld: Story Stones

Introducing “Oddworld: Story Stones”

Today we have the privilege of unveiling the next stage of Magog on the March! For almost a year, we've been working hard to compile everything Oddworld in one convenient location. From dozen upon dozens of interviews, magazine articles, forum posts, and ancient, forgotten references excavated from the WayBack Machine. Our archives are growing every… Continue reading Introducing “Oddworld: Story Stones”


A Personal Take on Soulstorm’s Alternate Reality Game

The Magog on the March! News to cure your ARG blues! Today our special guest, Sliglet, s'got a few words to say about this Alternate—whats-a-yer-call-it—Reality Game? The one being churned out by those chumps at Oddworld Inhabitants. Y'all know the one I mean. Remember, neither Magog on the March or Rumor Kontrol endorse or really… Continue reading A Personal Take on Soulstorm’s Alternate Reality Game


SOULSTORM: What Exoddus was Supposed to be?

Since the initial announcement of Soulstorm, there has been a whit of confusion surrounding the exact nature of the upcoming Oddworld instalment. For over a year, fans have been scratching their heads and trying to dissect the scant information being leaked by Oddworld Inhabitants, as if Soulstorm itself is another piece of the meandering ARG.… Continue reading SOULSTORM: What Exoddus was Supposed to be?