Tips & Tricks: Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee [2001]

Date: November, 2001

Source: Tips & Tricks, Issue 81, p. 54


Microsoft . November . 1 Player

When we previewed Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee in our January 2000 issue, it was being developed as a PlayStation 2 game. Through many twists and turns, Munch’s Oddysee has now become an exclusive Xbox title while Abe and friends have become the official mascots for Microsoft’s new console! The first two Oddworld games on the PlayStation, the two-dimensional Abe’s Oddyssey and Abe’s Exoddus, were almost considered throwback titles during a time when everyone else was busy exploiting the PlayStation’s 3-D capabilities. What really made the Oddworld series unique, however, were the mind-bending puzzles, the refined character animation, the ability to speak and the strange, wonderful environment of the Oddworld universe.

All the same tried-and-true elements are present in Munch’s Oddysee, but this time the slippery, slimy and slurping world of Oddworld comes alive in full 3-D. We find our Mudokon friend, Abe, still fighting for his life at the bottom of the Oddworld food chain. His mother is kidnapped by the merciless Glukkons and he must embark on a quest to save her. Along the way he meets Munch, the last of the sea-dwelling Gabbits, who is on a mission to retrieve the last remaining Gabbit eggs to save his species. Together they team up to take on the evil Glukkon empire and their heartless animal testers, the Vykkers.

Munch’s Oddysee is about teamwork and players must learn to use Abe and Munch’s different strengths to solve the numerous puzzles in the game. Abe’s biggest strengths are his ability to use GameSpeak and possess the minds of his foes by chanting. Too many enemies up ahead? Possess a gun-totting Slig and mow down everyone in your way. Need an extra hand to rotate a crank? Use GameSpeak to issue orders to other Mudokons. Munch’s strength is in the water, but the rest of the time he has to be wheeled around in a wheelchair by Abe. In the past, Abe’s most glaring weakness was his inability to possess machines. Luckily, Munch is equipped with a Sonar Plug that allows him to take control of security cameras, cranes and robots. Generic Oddworld consumer products also help the duo achieve impossible tasks like turbo-boosting with Expresso or jumping over hig walls with Klimb. Most of the solutions to the puzzles involve a study in creature behavior; there are over 35 different Oddworld creatures and each species reacts differently to each situation. The Oddworld series has always been known for its extremely challenging puzzles, so don’t expect it to be any easier in Munch’s Oddysee!