Tips & Tricks: Oddworld: Stranger [2004]

Date: October 2004

Source: Tips & Tricks, Issue 116, p. 61


Publisher: EA                 In Stores: March 2005

Also on PS2

The Oddworld series takes a new direction with Oddworld: Stranger. Abe and Munch are nowhere to be found, but the story still takes place in the darkly humorous universe of Oddworld. The Stranger is a bounty hunter with lion-like features who tracks down outlaws for his payday. This is a much more action-oriented game than the previous, puzzle-based Oddworld chapters. The gameplay switches between a third-person perspective (for platform-style action) and a first-person view (when the Stranger equips a weapon). Keeping with the peculiar Oddworld theme of the food-chain hierarchy, the bullets that the Stranger uses are actually live animals which can be shot at enemies for different effects!